Budding Olympian but lost that zing and zip?

Maybe you need to replace your spikes?  Christmas Tree design are the preferred spike for all weather (Blacktown and SOPAC) tracks which are available in steel (most track shoes come with these when purchased) or ceramic.  We purchased some ceramic spikes a few years ago and have recently received an order of ceramic spikes in time for State Relays and Zone.

The spikes come in a packs of 16 consisting of Green & Gold 7mm ceramic spikes (8 of each colour) for $8.00.   You can purchase from the Canteen or Uniform Shop, but this weekend Mel Jones and Geoff Bryant will have some stocks at State Relays.   Remember to bring you spike key to replace your old spikes.

Now you are asking yourself… why do most of the world’s elite athletes use ceramic track shoe spikes?

– patented space age ceramic material 1/3 the weight of tradition steel spikes
– Christmas Tree spikes provide very fast starts and excellent traction around the corners
– patented design compresses the track to provide energy to the athlete
– will not rust or corrode
– will not damage the track