Family Relays, Christmas Party & Santa

This Saturday we have a number of important events:

  • Family 4 x 100m relay (handicapped race)
  • Family Shuttle relay approx. 25m (handicapped)
  • Christmas Party and Santa arrival
  • Waves swimming pool
  • Finalising Zone Parent Helper Roster

The fiercely contested relays will take place mid morning.  Families will nominate their teams for the relays – the handicap is based on the age of the youngest member – if you need to dress up (or down) to improve your technique and speed this is allowed.  However, there are some rules in terms of family members, number of parents etc. as each year we see newly formed blended families competing.   In the 4 x 100 The Eagleton Eagles hope to fly high again this year with back to back win, no doubt the Collins Clan will look to rope in all and sundry to improve on their performance,  Buchannan Blitz may contest this year with super fast Sharon in her scrubs?  Are the Dunnes all done?  Bryant Boltz will cheer from the sidelines one of their runners is in Townsville with National All Schools.   All families are welcome to participate.

Christmas Party and Sausage Sizzle will kick off once most of the large equipment is cleared, approx. from 11:45 a.m.  followed by Santa.  We hope to have Santa and his helpers finished by 1:30 p.m.

At the end of your competition each Hills Little Athlete will get an arm band which will give you access to Waves.   We ask that you come back for Santa’s arrival.   Waves are strict on parent supervision and we saw last year some of our older athletes not allowed into the pool without suitable supervision.

If you haven’t nominated for your preferred time slot with Zone you will be allocated one from the Championships team.  We have the largest number of athletes competing in our Zone and we will undertake a largest portion of the track and field  duties, canteen, BBQ etc.  Please see Championships Team on Saturday morning to lock in your preferred time.

Thank you.