State Championships 18th, 19th and 20th March 2011

The State Championships will be held on Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March at SOPAC Homebush.

All Hills athletes will be required to wear full uniform, including rego number on front with red border showing, age patch on left hand side, red IGA patch on right hand side. Castle Hill RSL on bottom right hand side and centre number 15 on back. If any one of these components are missing please see Sandra Antal this Saturday 12th March. Skins are allowed as long as they are worn under full club uniform.

Parking is available in P1. Please have ticket validated at Athletics Centre.

Hills families are encouraged to sit in the upper level of Bay 7.

Hills Team Managers as follows,

Friday night-Jenny Glover

Saturday- Sandra Antal

Sunday- Sandra Antal

Please report to team managers on arrival, so they know you are ready to go and parents on rostered duties are accounted for.

Hills rostered duties are marshalling.

Friday- 5.30-6.15pm-Thomson G12

           6.15-7.00pm-Rennie B15

           7.00-7.45pm-Hartmann B17

           7.45pm-finish-Glover B12

Saturday-12.00-1.00pm-Singleton B14

               1.00-2.00pm-Smith B12

               2.00-3.00pm- Etherington B10

               3.00pm-finish- Antal G12

Sunday-7.30-8.30am- Shina G13

            8.30-9.30am- Candiloro B17

            9.30-10.30am- Antal G11

            10.30-11.30am-Laidler G11

Best of luck to all Hills athletes.