State Relays 2012

Rain, hail or shine State Relays will be on!  To ensure a smooth carnival LANSW assign each Centre duties, for Hills our duty will be 3rd Change Zone.  Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, there will be an Official at the Change that will tell us what to do, how to do it etc.

We need provide 4 people for each session, this means we need alot of assistance over the carnival.   We have tried to coordinate roster around the event heats and finals, track vs field etc.  If you can not make your duty then it is your responsibility to find an alternate person and advise the Championship Officer.

Races aren’t called and it is the teams responsibility to be at Marshaling 15 min before the race time in the program.  Check in with your Team Manager when you arrive, we will try to sit together in Bay 6 or 7.  Relays are team events, if you are running late or can not make the event you need to notify your team know.

Good luck to all athletes.