Welcome to 2014

Welcome back after the Christmas and New Year.  There is a full program to get through before Cross Country starts in April.   Please note: We are running on 25 January (the Australia Day weekend), and other important dates in the Little A’s and competition calendar are on our website click here.  Our summer program finished with State Championships on 22 March 2014.

We have about 7 competition mornings at A H Whaling before the season ends and if your Little Athlete enjoys participating we ask you to start thinking about contributions you can make to the club.  Our club runs on the back of volunteers and thank you to all parents and helpers that provide assistance each weekend, and we are always looking for parents to take on some of the official responsibilities in the Committee.  But you can help in other ways also!  If there is a job or task that you can undertake on a regular basis it takes the burden off other people.  We have a few people that help set out the field each Saturday morning at 6 a.m., others that get the BBQ going, and regulars that assist on the timing gates and recording.  If you can help out with some tasks or would like to trial a role or want to know some of the activities now is the time to ask a Committee member.