Zone Information and Roster

Attached is general information on the carnival and roster.  There has been some minor modifications to the Roster and attached is the latest version.  If you are unable to complete your rostered duty it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

To help you plan your weekend a little better, attached is a list of events for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The full program is available for sale which has the event, heat and athlete details.  These programs will be sold under the Hills Little A’s shade tent.  If the event has a scheduled time of  starting “not before” time, then this is the earliest when that event will be called.  When you hear your event called please go to Marshaling, make sure you take enough water, sunscreen, hat to get you through the event.   If you are competing in two events at the same time the Clash Managers will collect and escort you between these conflicting events to ensure you do not miss the start of the event, heat, throw or jump.

Relay teams are attached, there is a final training session at 5 p.m. Wednesday  25 January for those teams that can attend – remember is a team event and we need all four members to have a constructive session.

There is considerable assistance required over the carnival to make it successful and if you can step in and provide assistance when asked it would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU in advance for helping.