Over our 40+ year history many Hills District Little A’s athletes have set State and Australian records, either as individuals or as a member of relay teams, and a number of gone on to become NSW state representatives at the Australian Little Athletic Championships held each Easter.

The first of these, Jane Ashcroft, won the Shot Put event in 1975, setting an Australian Record which stood for a number of years. Since then, Hills District athletes have been regular members of various State Teams and have performed with distinction.


Year Name Events
1975 Jane Ashcroft 1st Shot Put (Australian Record)
1976 Shaun Johnston 1st 400m
1978 Suzanne Alton 1st 4 x 100m Relay, 3rd 100m (Girls Team Captain)
1979 Suzy Hartgers 2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m
1979 Stephen Willard 1500m Walk
1980 Peter Johnston 1st 800m, 1st 1500m (Australian & World Age Record)
1980 Simone Everitt 1st 800m, 1st 1500m
1980 Mary Ann Woods 1st 60m Hurdles (Australian Best), Long Jump
1980 Kerry Arkins 4th 1500m Walk, 1500m
1981 Colin Cassidy 1st 200m, 1st Long Jump, 1st 4 x 100m Relay, 3rd 100m
1981 Tony Stellino 1st 1500m, 2nd 800m
1981 Ruth Adamson 1st 60m Hurdles, 2nd 4 x 100m Relay, 100m, Long Jump
1981 Clair Williams 1st High Jump
1983 Peter Stellino 1st 800m, 1st 1500m
1983 Craig Arkins 3rd 1500m Walk
1984 Sharon Pearce 1st 1500m Walk
1984 Melissa Page 1st 4 x 100m Relay, 4th High Jump
1985 Anne Harrison 2nd 800m, 4th 400m
1986 Rachel Freeman 1st 4 x 100m Relay, Finalist 400m, 60m Hurdles
1987 Anne Harrison 2nd U15 Multi-Event
1992 Julia Dawson 1st Long Jump, 1st 4 x 100m Relay, 2nd Triple Jump
1993 Michael Adams 1st 4 x 100m Relay, 3rd 400m, 4th 100m
1994 Stacey Lapham 1st 4 x 100m Relay (Australian Record 49.9), 3rd Triple Jump, Finalist 400m & 800m
1995 Gemma Deane 7th U15 Multi-Event
1996 Stacey Lapman 1st U15 Multi-Event (Girls Team Captain)
1997 Preya Carey 3rd 100m, 4th Long Jump, 7th Triple Jump
1999 Preya Carey 1st 90m Hurdles, 1st 100m, 2nd U15 Multi-Event
2007 Nicholas Hough 1st 100m (Australian Record), 1st 200m, 1st Triple Jump, 1st 4 x 100m Relay (Aust. Record) (Boy’s Team Captain)
2009 Nicholas Hough 1st U15 Multi-Event
2009 Denzel Singleton 8th 200m, 5th 4x100m relay, 3rd High Jump, 3rd Long Jump National Championships
2010 Nicholas Hough 1st Mens 110m Hurdles Youth Olympic Games, 3rd Mens Medley Relay
2012 Jordan Glover 3rd 1500M Walk, 1500m
2013 Timothy Simmons 4th 100m, 4th 200m, 1st 4x100m relay (New Aust Record)
2015 Sally Shokry 2nd Shot Put, 3rd Discus. Competed in Walk
2016 Sidney Burrell 2nd 800m, 5th 400m, Team Captain
2016 Joshua Atkinson 2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m