For the Saturday morning competition, and when athletes are representing the club at championships HDLAC uniform comprises a singlet top and shorts for the boys. The girl’s uniform consists of either a singlet top or crop top and shorts. The uniform colours are maroon and gold. The uniform shop is normally open each Saturday from 8:00am til 8:30am.

Each athlete is issued with a registration number and age group number (age patch).

Athletes must always wear;

  • this year’s registration number
  • age group number, and
  • Coles patch on the top right hand chest area of the uniform top

or their performances will not be recognised.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • On the first two days of the season
  • If the Centre cannot supply the numbers for any reason.

For some crop tops, there may be difficulty in placing the patch in the correct position. In such cases, the Coles patch may overlap slightly onto the registration number border. This will only apply in the case of crop tops where there is simply no fabric left over upon which the patch can be placed. This is not permissible on any singlets, t-shirts or crop tops where there is sufficient room for placement. Important: The red boarder around the registration number must be visible.