Hills Little Athletics follows LAANSW Event and Equipment Specifications Click here to view the LAANSW Event & Equipment Specifications Rev.#6/2008.


Age Distance Run-in Run-Out Flights Height Between
U8/U9 60m 12m 13m 6 45cm 7m
U10 60m 12m 13m 6 60cm 7m
U11 60m 12m 13m 6 60cm 7m
U12 60m 12m 13m 6 68cm 7m
U13 80m 12m 12m 9 76cm 7m
U14G 80m 12m 12m 9 76cm 7m
U14B 90m 13m 13m 9 76cm 8m
U15G 90m 13m 13m 9 76cm 8m
U15B 100m 13m 10.5m 10 76cm 8.5m
U17G 100m 13m 10.5m 10 76cm 8.5m
U17B 110m 13.72m 14.02m 10 76cm 9.14m
U13G 200m 20m 40m 5 68cm 35m
U13B 200m 20m 40m 5 68cm 35m
U14G 200m 20m 40m 5 76cm 35m
U14B 200m 20m 40m 5 76cm 35m
U15G* 300m 50m 40m 7 76cm 35m
U15B* 300m 50m 40m 7 76cm 35m
U17G* 300m 50m 40m 7 76cm 35m
U17B* 300m 50m 40m 7 76cm 35m

* To be confirmed.

Discus, Shot Put and Javelin Sizes

  Discus   Shot Put   Javelin  
Age Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys
U6     0.5kg(Pink) 0.5kg(Pink)    
U7 350gm 350gm 1.0kg(Blue) 1.0kg(Blue)    
U8 500gm 500gm 1.5kg(Yellow) 1.5kg(Yellow)    
U9 500gm 500gm 2.0kg(Orange) 2.0kg(Orange)    
U10 500gm 500gm 2.0kg(Orange) 2.0kg(Orange)    
U11 750gm 750gm 2.0kg(Orange) 2.0kg(Orange) 400gm 400gm
U12 750gm 750gm 2.0kg(Orange) 3.0kg(White) 400gm 400gm
U13 750gm 1kg(Rubber) 3.0kg(White) 3.0kg(White) 400gm 600gm
U14 1kg 1kg 3.0kg(White) 3.0kg(White) 400gm 600gm
U15 1kg 1kg 3.0kg(White) 4.0kg(Red) 500gm 700gm
U17 1kg 1.5kg 3.0kg(White) 5.0kg(Green) 500gm 700gm

Walking Events

From the Under 9 age group upwards, the walking event will be conducted every
second week. It is the opinion of your Centres Committee that the walking event
must be competed in its entirety by athletes who participate in a serious and competitive
manner, in order for them to be awarded any points for the event. Failure by any
athlete to comply in this manner will lead to the athlete being asked to discontinue
with the race and leave the track immediately by Officials. Athletes and parents
may refer this disqualification to the Walks Specialists or the President of the

Walks Distances

  • U9s 700metres
  • U10 to U11 1100metres
  • U12 to U17 1500metres

Pack Starts

The actual distance at our ground for the “500” pack start is 443.57m and for the
“700” pack start the distance is 635.34m. In the past this was constrained by our undersized track and the requirement that the pack starts are safer to start on a straight rather than on the bend. Despite the extension of the new track to now be a full 400m track, the current straights are still slightly too short to enable the full pack start events to start on a straight and finish at the standard finish line. As such, the committee voted to keep the distances for the Pack Starts the same as before, so as to maintain the old records.
However, please be aware that when Under 7 and Under 8 athletes compete at Zone,
Region, State Multi’s or other club’s Gala Days, they will be required to run the full
500m or 700m distance as applicable.