The Saturday morning events program operates on a two-week cycle from September to mid March, at A.H. Whaling Reserve, Roxborough Park Road, Baulkham Hills.

The first Saturday morning is Week A, the second Saturday is Week B. If a meeting is cancelled, the cancelled program takes place the following week. However if a program has started and then cancelled it is deemed as being run.

Our series A and B Event Program

Series A

U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U17
700W 1100W 1100W 1500W 1500W 1500W 1500W 1500W
50m 50m 70m 70m 70m 100m 100m 100m 100m 100m 100m
70m 100m 100m 100m 100m 400m 400m 400m 400m 400m 400m
LJ 500m* 400m 400m 400m 1500m 1500m 1500m 1500m 1500m 1500m
LJ LJ LJ SP – Girls TJ TJ – Girls LJ LJ TJ LJ
D – Boys HJ – Boys Jav HJ HJ – Girls Jav HJ
SP – Girls LJ – Boys Jav – Boys
Jav Girls SP

Series B

U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15 U17
50m 70m 60mh 60mh 60mh 60mh 60mh 80mh 80mh – G 90mh – G 100mh – G
70m 100m 200m 200m 200m 200m 200m 200mh 90mhB – B 100mh – B 110mh – B
300m 200m 700m 800m 800m 800m 800m 200m 200mh 300mh 300mh
SP D SP HJ 800m LJ TJ – Boys 800m 200m 200m 200m
LJ LJ LJ D – Boys LJ HJ – Girls LJ – Girls TJ 800m 800m 800m
SP – Girls D – Girls SP – Boys HJ SP TJ LJ LJ
SP – Boys Jav – Boys SP Jav D HJ D
D – Girls 3000m HJ – Boys D Jav
Jav – Girls 3000m 3000m


Our morning commences at 8.00am for all athletes registered in the U6 to U11 Age Groups. Tiny Tots will commence at 8.30am, and athletes competing in the U12 through to U17 Age Groups will have their first event at 9.30am. Please make sure you arrive in sufficient time to warm-up and be ready for your respective start time.


Our Amenities block includes equipment storage, toilets and our Canteen. The Canteen sells drinks, ice blocks, confectionery and light snacks; the BBQ also operates. All proceeds go to our Centre. Water bublers are available and shade is limited.

Wet Weather Arrangements

Saturday morning competition is only cancelled if there is, or will be, substantial rainfall at the starting time AH Whaling Reserve.

Alternatively you check the Clubs facebook page for updates after 7:30am. Decisions to cancel are delayed until the last possible minute in order to avoid unnecessary cancellations during the changeable spring/summer weather

Age Groups

Children are divided into age groups for competition. The grouping depends on their age as at 31 December. A “Tiny Tot” age group is run and includes children who are turning five in the calendar year. This is the youngest age group. The oldest age group is the Under 17’s for teenage athletes. It should be noted that if an age group is deemed to be too large the group will be split into smaller, more manageable groups.

Tiny Tots

The Little Athletics Association of NSW have some years ago, introduced the Tiny Tots on Track program to assist the younger Little Athletes to improve their basic movement/gross motor skills.

Naturally, our Tiny Tots have very different physical and emotional needs to older athletes and at no time should their program be confused with the far more advanced skills performed by the older athlete. It should be stressed that this program holds an emphasis on development, not competitive achievement.

“Tiny Tots on Track” has been organised into three categories – running, jumping and throwing. Taking into consideration the development stages and requirements of suchyoung children, the program encompasses games and activities that have been designed to prepare Tiny Tots for their introduction into Athletics in the Under 6 age group.

Tiny Tots commences at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday morning competition days.

Lost Property

The Centre maintains a Lost Property trolley. Unclaimed property is collected at the end of each morning and placed in this trolley in the Amenities block. Please check its contents regularly. At various times through the season Lost Property is donated to charity.

First Aid

First Aid is available at the front of the Amenities Block. Sunscreen is available from the Canteen and Announcing area.